Vision Savings Plan

 / every month

Minimum Price: $10.00 / month


Vision Benefit Guide for Savings Account Members

Vision Examinations

Routine Vision Exam 45.00
Contact Lens Exams Usual and Customary Fees

Contact Lenses

Benefits will be applied to the Usual and Customary Fees for all Contact Lens Purchases


Benefit members will be charged a base rate of 45.00 for any frame not exceeding 119.00.

Any frame with a retail price over the allowance of 119.00, the difference will be added to the base rate.


Single Vision Basic Plastic Clear 30.00
FT 28 Bifocal Basic Plastic Clear 55.00
7X28 Trifocal Basic Plastic Clear 65.00
Progressive No-Line Bifocal Basic Plastic Clear 75.00

(No-Line Brands Include: Image, Adage, Instinctive, Small Fit and Shore View Mini)

Available Lens Options
(Add to Base Lens Cost)

Polycarbonate Upgrade (No Additional Upgrade Cost for Children Under 18) 30.00
1.67 High Index Thin and Lite Upgrade 55.00
Trivex Premium Lens Upgrade 40.00
Photochromic Plastic Upgrade Single Vision 65.00
Photochromic Plastic Upgrade Multifocal 85.00

Anti-Reflective Non-Glare:

Peak Basic Non-Glare 45.00
Sync Super Hydrophobic 65.00
Supreme Super Hydrophobic, Anti-Static and Smudge Resistant 99.00
Polarized Non-Glare Sun (Nu-Polar) 65.00
Basic Custom Tinting or Ultraviolet 400 30.00
Custom Edge Polishing 25.00


R & R Optical Inc. dba Wise Eyes Optical, reserves the right to cancel any vision care program it represents at their discretion. The Vision Savings Program can be cancelled by the member at any time without penalty for fee. Any remaining funds will be paid back to the primary listed benefit member or beneficiary thereof. All pricing listed in this program is subject to change without notice to any benefit member. Any returns or remakes must be requested before 30 days, after 30 days any returns or remake requests will be the responsibility of the member. Refunds are subject to a 25% restocking fee after the 30-day expiration. Benefit members can use the pricing of the benefit guide at any time of requested service if account remains valid with funds. Benefits cannot be given to any other person without notice or agreement of the primary member.