Selecting Glasses


If you want the latest in durable frames, ask for:

If you want the latest in Frame designs we carry the latest designs in Guess, Gant, Harley Davidson and many more.

If you are tired of thick, heavy glasses, ask for:

High Index lenses. High Index lenses are lighter and thinner than conventional lenses. More comfortable to the wearer and offers clearer vision.

If you play sports, ask for:

If you like all types of sports, from baseball to biking Polycarbonate and Trivex lenses are the most impact resistant materials available today. Protecting your vision while at play, ask us about Polycarbonate and Trivex lens materials.

If you are bothered by glare from the sun, ask for:

Polarizied Lenses. Available in virtually any lens design, Polarizied sunwear filters out the glare and give you clean crisp glare free vision in the most unforgiving outdoor environments.

Need bifocal?:

Sooner or later we all have a hard time seeing things up close. If your doctor prescribes you a first bifocal Wise Eyes offers many different types of bifocals including progressive no-line bifocals. With progressive bifocal lenses you can look as young as you feel.

Difficulties Driving at Night?:

If night driving has become more difficult, ask about Anti-Reflective lens coatings. Anti-Reflective coatings filter the glare and haze associated with oncoming car lights and and glary wet conditions.

Safety Eye Wear:

In need of approved safety eye wear? Wise Eyes offers many types of approved protective eye wear for any work environment. Ask about the Wise Eyes contract safety program, especially designed with small businesses in mind.

If you frequently go in and outdoors, ask for:

For a pair of glasses that are clear inside and darkens outside, ask about Transitions lenses. Transitions lenses automatically darkens when you are outdoors and clears when you return inside. Available in both Gray and Brown colors Transitions are a great eyewear option.

If you want to see better while driving, ask for:

Customized driving lenses. Ask about Drivewear lenses. Drivewear are the first of their kind, offering a polarized sun filter that protects from overcast daylight to full sun changing as the driving environment changes. Stop by any Wise Eyes for a free sample of Drivewear.

If you want the latest in lens technology GO DIGITAL!

New Digital processing is the most accurate and precise way to correct your vision.