Starting At Only $10 A Month!

At Wise Eyes Optical, our patients’ vision always comes first. Eye care is essential – but we know how difficult it can be to squeeze the cost of an exam, new glasses, and/or lenses from an already stressed budget. After hearing from many of our patients that the cost of vision and dental care is becoming increasingly harder to afford, we decided to create our Vision Savings Plan to offer all of our patients one affordable option that can easily fit into any budget.

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An Affordable Vision Savings Account for Individuals, Couples, and Families

The Wise Eyes Optical Vision Savings Plan allows individuals, couples, and families the option to set up an easy, affordable, dedicated health savings account with a small monthly contribution that can be used toward the cost of eye exams, eyeglass frames/lenses, and contact lens purchases. You can open your account with a deposit as low as $10 per month!

  • Save BIG With Member-Only Specials & Discounts
  • Benefits Can Be Used Any Time
  • Benefits Never Expire!
  • The Longer You Save With Us, the More You Will Have
  • Guaranteed Acceptance
  • Set Your Own Savings Amount According to Your Needs
  • The Easiest Way to Save!

Our helpful staff are happy to talk with you about what savings amount will be best for you. Let us help you get the most benefit from the Vision Savings Plan!

Never Pay Full Price for Eye Care, Contact Lenses, and Eyeglasses Again!

Save on the cost of your eye care needs throughout the year when you sign up for Wise Eyes Optical’s new Vision Savings Plan. We are excited to offer valuable discounts and savings opportunities to help make seeing clearly as affordable as possible for our valued patients. Sign up and never pay full price for eyeglasses, contact lenses, and eye care ever again!

Enroll In the Wise Eyes Optical Vision Savings Plan

To sign up for the Wise Eyes Optical Vision Savings Plan, visit your local Wise Eyes Optical location. Want to begin saving immediately? You can enroll online today!

The Wise Eyes Optical Vision Savings Plan is not an insurance plan, nor a state or federally-funded benefit plan. All discounts and savings are offered through the Wise Eyes Optical Vision Savings Plan. Savings are available immediately, with the exception of those earned through ongoing customer loyalty offers.