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Bi-weekly Contact Lenses

Acuvue® brought the first disposable soft contact lenses to the market in 1988. These advanced soft contact lenses are worn by more customers around the world than any other brand. Acuvue® is an innovator in the field of vision. They constantly improve their lens options by delivering the benefits of advanced science and materials to provide clear vision at a reasonable price. Acuvue® is the lens of choice for millions. Wise Eyes Optical is proud to be your authorized nationwide retailer of Acuvue® 2 contact lenses.

Acuvue 2 Biweekly Contact Lenses

Acuvue® 2 biweekly contact lenses are designed to provide clear, comfortable vision for up to two weeks of wear. They offer one of the highest degrees of UV protection in a soft contact lens. For comfortable wear, these lenses are contoured to fit the eye with their INFINITY EDGE™ Design. The smooth front surface of Acuvue® 2 makes these lenses easier to put on and take off.

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