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Specialized examinations and fittings are required for contact lens wearers. A comprehensive contact lens examination will determine the overall health of your eyes and vision, and precision measurements and fittings will ensure that you have the right type and size of contacts for comfort, eye health, and visual performance. Wise Eyes Optical has locations in Altoona, Bedford, Burnham, Clearfield, Huntingdon, and Philipsburg, PA to serve all of your eye and vision care needs.

Professional Contact Lens Fitting for Comfort & Performance

Because contact lenses sit directly on your eye, the examination, consultation, and fitting process is more in-depth than a standard vision examination. Although many of the same standard vision tests are performed, additional testing and measurements will help ensure the correct fit of your contact lenses. Because contact lenses are medical devices, a prescription from a professional optometrist is required. Your doctor will discuss your health, lifestyle and preferences (including sports, traveling, dry eye conditions, and many other factors) prior to considering which type of lenses are right for you for maximum comfort and performance.

Contact Lenses for Astigmatism, Presbyopia, and Dry Eyes

Several measurements are required to determine the best contact lenses to fit your eyes. The curvature of your cornea is the primary concern for an ideal, comfortable fit. In some cases, the size of your iris and pupil will also be measured. Special lenses for dry eyes, astigmatism, presbyopia, and other conditions are available. Options include colored lenses, daily disposables, and extended wear lenses.

It is very important that you keep all follow-up appointments after you have been fitted with your trial lenses to make sure the lenses are comfortable, providing excellent vision correction, and not causing abrasion, damage, or infection to the eye. If you have tried contacts before and have been unhappy with the results, you may discover that the newest state-of-the-art lenses offer unprecedented comfort and convenience. Contact your nearest Wise Eyes Optical to find out if you are a good candidate for contact lenses. We provide a professional consultation to ensure that you understand how to use and care for your contact lenses and provide valuable information to help you get the most from your new contacts.