Select the Frame & Lenses for Your Lifestyle

Buying glasses online at Wise Eyes Optical is easy. Follow our simple selection guide to get a great pair of glasses that fit well so you can look and feel great in your new glasses.

Step One: Choose Your Frames

If you already have a pair of glasses, look on the inside of the frame to check whether your frame size is stamped along the inner temple or bridge. Your eye size/distance (lens width – range: 40-62mm), bridge size (distance between lenses – range: 14-24mm), and temple/arm size (length of arm pieces range: 120-150mm) may be indicated. If so, use this as a guide to select a new frame with a similar size. Eye and bridge size are typically printed next to each other, separated by a square box. You can ignore model and size numbers.

Lens Width: Small lens widths are < 50mm, Medium lens widths are 51-54mm, and Large lens widths are 55+mm. The width should be just slightly wider than your face. If there is more than a finger width, the frame is too large. The frame should sit level with the middle of your eyebrows. Bridge Size: The bridge of your glasses should sit flush with the bridge of your nose.

Temple/Arm Length: The arms should sit level horizontally and hug your ear for a secure fit. The most common temple sizes are: 135, 140, 145, and 150mm.

Step Two: Enter Your Prescription

Enter your prescription exactly as it is printed. Be sure to double check. If you have a copy of your prescription, please submit it along with your order. If you have any questions, please contact us directly for personalized assistance before entering your prescription information.

The following are what you may see on your prescription; however, each prescription is unique:

OS (oculus sinister): Left Eye
OD (oculus dextrus): Right Eye


+: farsighted correction (example: +4.25 is 4.25 diopters of farsightedness)
-: nearsighted correction (example: -1.00 is 1 diopter of nearsightedness)

Cylinder: the degree of astigmatism

Axis: the orientation of astigmatism (0-180 degrees)

Prism & Base: compensation for eye alignment

ADD: magnifying power for multifocal lenses

PD: the distance between the midpoint of your pupils

Step Three: Choose Your Lenses

The lenses are crucial to the performance of your eyewear. You should carefully consider all available options, as well as recommendations from your eye doctor to select the lenses that have the best qualities and features for your lifestyle. Single and multifocal lenses are available with added features including transitional/photochromic lenses, blue light blocking, lightweight high-index, and polarized lenses. Multifocal lenses must be at least 25mm in height.

Add anti-reflective, scratch-resistant, and UV-blocking coatings for enhanced performance.

Step Four: Enter Your Payment

Pay securely with your credit card online.