What Are High Index Lenses?

High-index lenses offer the thinnest, lightest weight option for your new eyeglasses. They allow you to experience maximum comfort all day with attractive eyeglasses designed to meet your needs in any style you choose. High-index lenses can be made in any prescription and are ideal for all eyeglass wearers. These thin, lightweight lenses are particularly recommended for those who have nearsightedness, farsightedness, and/or astigmatism whose prescription is strong. They help you keep your eyeglasses as slim, lightweight, and attractive as possible regardless of how strong your prescription is.

The Benefits of High Index Lenses in Nearsighted & Farsighted Glasses


Many of our customers are nearsighted. The lenses used to correct this condition must be thin at the center with the thicker portion of the lens at the outer edge. The stronger the prescription is, the thicker the edge of the lens must be. Most modern fashion frames have thin lenses – thinner than the lens itself in many cases. With rimless mounts, the entire thickness of the lens may be completely exposed. This can result in an appearance of significant lens protrusion that many find unacceptable, as it detracts from the appearance of the eyewear. High-index lenses keep your prescription lenses as thin as possible.


If you are farsighted, conventional prescription lenses to correct this condition can be extremely heavy. This can cause strain on the areas of your face and head where your eyeglasses rest, resulting in a very uncomfortable user experience. High-index lenses eliminate most of the weight of your lenses and can be produced with an aspherical design, as well. This reduces the “bug-eyed” look that results from the magnifying power of stronger conventional lenses.

Thin, Lightweight Lenses for Comfort & Style

High-index lenses from Wise Eyes Optical bend light to correct both nearsightedness and farsightedness very efficiently, resulting in a thin, lightweight lens that offers extreme comfort and style to allow you to actually enjoy wearing your eyeglasses. They are available in a range of refractive indexes, with those of 1.70 and higher being at least 50% thinner than conventional lenses. Ask your eye care professional if high-index lenses are right for you.