Prescription and Non-prescription
Polarized Lenses for Crisp Vision

Polarized sunglasses offer superior glare protection while shielding your eyes from the harsh UV rays and excessive brightness of the sun. Enjoy maximum visual sharpness and high performance vision with state-of-the-art polarized lenses from Wise Eyes Optical. Whether you are looking for standard non-prescription polarized lenses for hunting, fishing, hiking, sports, and driving, or want to enjoy the best of both worlds by adding the benefits of optical polarization to your new prescription lenses, we have you covered.

Why Polarized Sunglasses? Glare Protection & More

Polarized sunglass lenses offer several distinct advantages over traditional tinted lenses. When bright light reflects from smooth surfaces such as snow, water, metal, and glass, the glare is magnified over ten times and can present significant discomfort and danger, particularly while driving or operating heavy machinery. Aside from discomfort and irritation, the eyes can quickly become strained and the vision, distorted. Headaches and eye pain soon follow, which makes sufferers want to close their eyes for temporary relief. This is extremely dangerous while on the road. Prevent virtually all of the blinding glare of the sun from reaching your eyes, prevent eyestrain and visual fatigue, and enjoy seeing the world clearly and in crisp, natural colors with polarized lenses from Wise Eyes Optical.

Coppertone® Polarized Lenses

Just like your skin, your eyes can be burned and damaged by the sun. Enjoy optimal protection against dangerous HEV (high energy visible light), UVA, and UVB rays with fully polarized sunglass lenses from Coppertone®. Shield your eyes in style while reducing the possibility of macular degeneration, cataracts, and some types of skin cancer. 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays are blocked while allowing non-harmful light to reach your eyes for superior color perception and visual function outdoors. Coppertone® polarized lenses are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective UV filter for the sensitive skin around the eyes, as well as the eyes. Coppertone® polarized lenses are available in amber, green, and classic gray.