Fastest Transitioning, Darkest Photochromic Lenses

Traditional photochromic lenses are great, but do you require a lens that turns darker or lighter more quickly? Are you looking for a lens that is crystal clear in low light conditions and deeply dark in the bright sunshine? ZEISS specifically developed their mid and high-index PhotoFusion lenses to address customer requests for a more responsive, more effective photochromic lens option. They adapt to changing light conditions rapidly to provide you with minimal transition time. If you go indoors and out frequently and simply do not have time to wait around for your lenses to resume their intended function, consider adding PhotoFusion lenses to your new eyewear from Wise Eyes Optical.

Attractive Glasses – Colored Self-tinting Lenses

In comparison to ZEISS’ classic line, PhotoFusion lenses change from light to dark up to 20% faster, and from dark to light 2x faster, than the classic line. Enjoy exceptional convenience and comfortable vision all the time in your new glasses, whether indoors or outdoors. All PhotoFusion lenses include 100% UV protection. These advanced lenses are built to last and continue performing long after other photochromic lenses begin to fail. Quality is paramount at ZEISS. Their PhotoFusion lenses exhibit consistent color consistency throughout all states of transition for an attractive and flattering appearance. Color choices include traditional gray and brown, as well as the newest tints in extra dark gray, pioneer green, and blue*.

Self-tinting Photo Fusion Lenses for All Prescription Glasses

PhotoFusion self-tinting lenses are an available option for all prescriptions from single vision to progressive and sport lenses. They can be personalized to meet your specific requirements with an available selection of quality coatings and colors to meet your needs. As the inventor of anti-reflective lenses, and with over 100 years of experience offering better vision, ZEISS continues to deliver premium-grade anti-reflective coatings to deflect glare, enhance vision, and protect the integrity of the lens. Safeguard your eyes today! Add premium PhotoFusion self-tinting lenses from ZEISS.

Tech Savvy? Meet the Computer Lenses Designed Just for You!

With up to 70% of tech savvy computer users suffering from digital eyestrain, the professionals at ZEISS developed lenses specifically designed to combat the tired, dry, painful eyes, blurred vision, and neck strain that affect frequent users of digital screen and mobile devices. There is no need to put down your phone or mobile device. Ask your Wise Eyes Optical representative about blue light and glare blocking lenses to help minimize the effects of your digital life on your health and vision.

*Please note that the PhotoFusion line is an active line for indoor and outdoor performance. The blue color is not suitable for driving. The other colors may be used while driving, but are not suitable for driving in open vehicles.