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Advanced Biweekly Disposable Lenses

CooperVision® is a global leader in soft contact lens innovation. The company recognizes the individuality of each patient’s unique vision needs. Their Avaira® Vitality lenses are recognized from Europe to China, Africa, and the Americas as the ideal lenses for flexibility in vision care. Enjoy comfortable long wear (over 14 hours per day) with these lenses, available in 2-week disposables. Wise Eyes Optical is your authorized nationwide retailer of CooperVision® Avaira® Vitality contact lenses.

CooperVision Avaira Vitality Hydrogel Contact Lenses

CooperVision® Avaira® Vitality lenses are available for correction of nearsightedness and farsightedness. Advanced materials provide all-day comfort with their third generation hydrogel offering high water content and continuous moisture for the eye surface, as well as superior breathability. Wearers enjoy freedom from continuous application of drops and wetting agents with this innovative lens. Avaira® Vitality contacts also provide Class 1 UV protection for the eye.

Avaira® Vitality lenses are made with the healthiest and most advanced soft contact lens materials for the ultimate in comfort during extended wear. Enjoy exceptional oxygen permeability in a lens specifically designed with your eye health and comfort in mind.

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