Stylish, Effortless Protection Against UV Indoors & Outdoors

Are you still dealing with the discomfort of harsh light, harmful blue light, and UV radiation because you require your prescription eyeglasses to see clearly? Is is too bothersome to carry around a pair of eyeglasses for indoors and prescription glasses for outdoor protection? Transitions® Light Intelligent Lenses™ offer the simplest solution in a lens that automatically adjusts to changing light conditions throughout your day for effortless protection, extreme comfort, and styles you will love. Choose your favorite color and style to express yourself with Transitions® lenses from Wise Eyes Optical.

Which Transitions® Lenses Are Right for Me?

Transitions® Light Intelligent Lenses™ are available in several options specifically designed to meet the needs of each individual’s lifestyle requirements. Whether you spend most of your time indoors, outdoors, in extreme glare environments, or driving, there is a Transitions® lens to meet all of your comfort and style requirements no matter what type of environment you encounter.

Transitions® Signature™: Everyday Wear Lenses for All Light Conditions

Transitions® Signature™: The Signature™ line is Transition®’s best lens for everyday wear. With their fast response time and responsiveness in all lighting and temperatures, the innovative Chromea7™ photochromic technology maintains the consistent light response you expect in all environments. From totally clear for unobstructed viewing indoors to your choice of darkening tint as the sun beats down, these lenses allow you to take control no matter where your day (or night) takes you. Available in a range of colors from classic gray and brown to stylish modern tints including emerald, amethyst, and sapphire.

Transitions® XTRActive®: Maximum Darkening Lenses – Indoors and Outdoors

Transitions® XTRActive®: Enjoy extra protection from harsh artificial lighting as well as the intense rays of the sun with superior style. Many lenses fail to activate behind the wheel, but you are assured of consistent protection even while driving with Transitions® XTRActive® lenses. Enjoy a hint of protection from the discomfort of interior lighting to our darkest protection outdoors, even in the highest temperatures. Choose from all your favorite classic colors, as well as the new style mirror line in silver shadow, gold, red, blue, green, and pink.

Transitions® Drivewear®: Professional Daytime Driving Sunglasses

Transitions® Drivewear®: When only the best will do behind the wheel, Transitions® Drivewear® delivers. These daytime drive lenses offer specialized protection for professional drivers, as well as anyone who prefers precision vision on the road. Transitions® photochromic technology and NuPolar® polarization technology combine to deliver the most advanced drivewear available today. Enjoy the extreme contrast of superior polarized vision! Sun, rain, and glare offer no competition for these lenses.

Transitions® Drivewear® daytime lenses do not require the presence of UV and activate in all visible light conditions, offering extreme protection while driving. While driving in overcast and low light conditions, the lenses’s green/yellow shade maximized contrast to deliver the clearest possible vision. As light conditions change, the lenses adjust to provide the most comfortable vision with a copper tint that eliminates excessive light while maximizing depth perception and highlighting the reds and greens of traffic control devices. Exit your vehicle into the UV-laden environment and enjoy exceptional filtration of light with the dark reddish-brown tint that enhances the appearance of the landscape while enhancing the natural colors of the environment. Transitions® Drivewear® lenses are intended for use as advanced sunglasses for use while driving. They should not be worn at night, as they do not transition to clear.

Transitions® Vantage®: Ultimate Glare Protection With Adjustable Polarized Lenses

Transitions® Vantage®: Where glare is a concern, Transitions® Vantage® lenses offer maximum protection with seamless, automatic polarization and darkening in even the harshest glare environments. They are the only lenses with variable polarization, adjusting to combat the precise level of outdoors glare for exceptionally clear vision while fishing, hunting, hiking, skiing, golfing, and all other outdoor activities, while still offering the exceptional protection with a hint of tint indoors. Enjoy this style in our iconic gray Transitions® lens.

Wise Eyes Optical is pleased to offer the most advanced lens options at a great price. Let us know which lenses you would like to add to your new eyewear. Having trouble picking the perfect lenses? Our friendly staff is available to answer your questions and provide personal assistance.