Preventive & Diagnostic Exams for Children, Teens, and Adults

Serving Altoona, Bedford, Burnham, Clearfield, Huntingdon & Philipsburg, PA

Proper eye health begins with regular annual examinations by your local, board-licensed optometrist. At Wise Eyes Optical, we offer comprehensive preventive and diagnostic eye exams for children, teens, and adults at each of our six locations in Pennsylvania: Altoona, Bedford, Burnham, Clearfield, Huntingdon, and Philipsburg.

Protect Your Sight With an Eye Exam Today

Regular eye exams throughout life can help detect eye conditions and sight deficiencies early, when treatments are more effective. Your annual eye examination is an important part of your healthcare routine throughout life. The signs and symptoms of many conditions that affect the overall health of the body first appear in the blood vessels of the eye, which your optometrist can view with a special light. High blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid disease, and malignancies are a few of the conditions that can be detected with regular eye exams. From infancy through advanced age, Wise Eyes Optical is your partner for protecting your sight –and your health.

When Should My Baby, Child, or Teen Have an Eye Examination?

Your infant’s first eye exam should be completed at six months, then again between the ages of two and three. Nearly 80% of what your child learns is through information received via the eyes. Any impairment of vision can significantly impact your child’s cognitive, neurologic, physical, and emotional development throughout life. Prior to starting Kindergarten, and at the beginning of each school year, your child should come in for an eye exam to help ensure that he or she is able to process information and experiences through his formal education program. With one in four school-aged children suffering with some type of visual deficiency, a yearly eye exam can help alleviate the problems with learning that many children face.

When Should Adults and Seniors Have an Eye Examination?

Regardless of your visual acuity, you should schedule an eye examination each year. Even if your vision has always been good or you have had laser eye surgery, an annual eye exam is the simplest way to screen for a variety of health conditions whose signs first appear within the blood vessels of the eye. If your work involves more than a few hours of computer usage per day, you are likely to suffer from computer-related eye strain, which can be treated. After age 40, even those with excellent vision tend to develop some degree of visual impairment. Individuals with diabetes and other medical conditions known to affect eyesight may require more frequent examinations.

Clear Vision Throughout Life With Wise Eyes Optical

With advanced age, we become more susceptible to developing cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma, and other conditions that may lead to permanent vision impairment and blindness. By age 65, over half of adults develop at least one cataract, and by age 75, almost everyone is affected. Effective treatments for these conditions are available when detected early. Schedule your yearly eye exam at Wise Eyes Optical to help ensure that you are able to enjoy clear vision throughout life.