Presbyopia and Trifocals

As we age, our eyesight gradually gets worse. By age 40, most of us begin to notice the onset of presbyopia – the loss of our eyes’ natural ability to focus on and see things clearly at close range. By our mid 40s, we tend to require corrective lenses to read fine print up close as well as at an intermediate distance. Fortunately, several lens options are available to correct the condition with extremely effective results. Trifocals are one of the options available at Wise Eyes Optical to address presbyopia.

Multifocal Lenses for Computer Use and Driving

Similar to bifocals, trifocals are a multifocal lens. Instead of two corrective areas for distance and near vision (like bifocals), they have three. These are for distance (top of lens), intermediate (middle of lens), and near vision (bottom of lens). The addition of an intermediate segment in our trifocal lenses adds the benefit of a dedicated area for viewing object’s at arm’s length (approximately 18-24” from the eyes). The intermediate viewing segment is located directly above the near viewing segment. These lenses are particularly valuable for those who work with computers, as well as drivers who require excellent distance vision while driving, viewing dashboard gauges, and reading maps without changing eyewear.

Enjoy Natural Vision Correction With Trifocals

Our eyes naturally gravitate up and down depending on how near or far an object we are trying to view is located. We tend to look down when reading, straight ahead when viewing objects at intermediate distance, and look up when viewing at a distance. Trifocals are ideally designed to follow our natural gazing pattern to provide superior optical correction of all three fields of view. There is a distinct transition line between the three fields of view. Some prefer this distinction, while other opt for multifocal lenses without lines of demarcation (progressive lenses).

Bifocals, trifocals, and progressive lenses are available to correct presbyopia. The choice is yours. Read about the benefits and distinctions of all three and consult with your eye care professional to discover the best option for your lifestyle. Bifocals offer superior general vision correction with additional magnification for near viewing. Trifocals provide dedicated optics for up-close, intermediate and distance sight. Progressives offer accurate and continuous correction across all distances from near to far. If you are a candidate for multifocal lenses, Wise Eyes Optical offers a variety of lens options and coatings to provide you with crystal clear vision throughout life.