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How to Choose the Perfect Eyeglass Frames

It’s time for new glasses, but how do you know which frames to pick? Choosing the perfect pair of glasses can be both fun and intimidating. It’s fun to show off your style with new frames, but there are so many shapes, colors, patterns, and brands to choose from that it is easy to get overwhelmed.

Glasses do more than just provide vision correction. Glasses are a fashion statement. Like your other accessories and pieces of clothing, you might find that a certain style of eyewear suits your look, or you may want to have more than one pair so you can switch it up. Choosing eyeglass frames is a personal decision, but the professionals at Wise Eyes Optical have a few tips to help clients narrow down their options from among the carefully chosen selection of stylish designer frames available.

How To Choose Your Frames

While selecting frames for your prescription glasses or sunglasses might seem like a daunting task, it doesn’t have to be. There are some easy ways to choose a frame that is not only functional, but that perfectly suits your style and personality.

1. Your Face Shape
When choosing frames, those that contrast your face shape can give you a balanced look that will highlight your facial features.
For example:

• Oval
Most oval faces will look good in almost any frame style. With a jawline that is slightly narrower than the forehead, complemented by high, angled cheekbones, an oval face is proportional and versatile when it comes to picking glasses. You are likely to look best in frames that are as least as wide as, or wider than, the broadest part of your face, including rectangular or cat-eye frames.

• Heart-shaped
A heart-shaped face is narrower at the chin and wider at the forehead. Consider trying frames that are wider at the bottom to help balance the dimensions of your face, especially square, oval and cat-eye with a wide nose bridge, or rimless glasses.

• Round
Round faces have a rounded chin, a wide forehead, and full cheeks. Sharper angles are needed to complement this face shape. Select narrow square or rectangular frames to help elongate the face and add a complimenting contrast.

• Square
A square face usually has a broad forehead and strong jawline, so try frames that soften the features and elongate the face shape. Round or oval glasses add balance and structure to square faces.

• Diamond-Shaped
A diamond face shape is narrow at the jaw and eyeline and is complemented by high and broad cheekbones. The best styles include semi-rimless frames, round, oval, and curvy cat-eyes.

• Oblong
Oblong faces are longer than they are wide, and have long, straight and relatively thin cheek lines. Wide aviators or square frames are an excellent choice.

Remember, you do not necessarily have to follow these guidelines. If you find frames that look great, then they are right for you whether or not they adhere to conventional wisdom.

2. Your Hair and Skin Color
When choosing the color of your frames, be sure to consider the color and undertones of your eyes, hair, and skin tone, and choose frame colors that will complement your natural features.

Stylists generally classify hair and skin tones as “cool” or “warm.”

• Cool hair tones include blond, blue-black, red/auburn, and some shades of gray, such as a mix of gray and white. Warm hair tones include brownish grays, golden blond, golden brown, and brownish black.
• Cool skin tones have a pink or blue undertone. Warm skin tones have a yellow or bronze undertone.
• If your hair and skin tend toward cool tones, try frames that are black, silver, rosy-brown, blue-gray, shades of purple, or darker tortoise.
• If your hair and skin lean toward warm tones, consider frames in shades of copper, peach, red, warm blue, or light tortoise.

Choosing neutral colors such as blacks, whites, beiges, and browns will give you a classic and polished look. To make more of a statement, choose bright colors that contrast your natural features such as reds, blues, purples, oranges, and greens.

3. Frame Material
Frames are constructed from varied materials, each with their own unique appearance and function. When choosing your frames, you should consider which materials best fit your lifestyle, budget, and style preferences. If your skin is sensitive to certain frame materials or nose pads, please let someone on our staff know so we can help you find eyeglasses you can wear comfortably.

4. Frame Size
Frames that are either too small or too large can appear disproportionate and will bring imbalance to your facial features. The team at Wise Eyes Optical will help you choose the ideal size frames for your face, ensure they fit properly, and make any adjustments if necessary.

5. Your Prescription
Some frame styles are better suited for specific prescription strengths. Be sure that the frames you choose offer proper stability and space for your lenses to function properly. For example, semi-rimless designs are excellent for thin lenses with a light prescription strength and full-rimmed styles provide the necessary stability for thicker lenses and multifocal prescriptions. The eye care professionals at Wise Eyes Optical will also let you know if your prescription requires changing your frame styles.

6. Your Personality
The style of your optical frames is a perfect way to let your personality shine. Try experimenting with various shapes, colors, and patterns to reflect your personal style through your glasses.

Your glasses can display a sense of fun and adventure or can project an image of seriousness. Pick one pair of frames that best reflects your personality or select a wardrobe of frames that allow you to choose each morning which personality vibes you want to send out to the world that day. Remember, you look best in what makes you feel best.

7. Your Lifestyle
Think about your occupation, hobbies, and lifestyle, then consider which frame features will best suit these everyday activities. If you spend your days at the office, frames in traditional shapes and colors can help you convey confidence and professionalism. If you are an athlete or work in a physically demanding industry, such as construction, you will want to select durable frames that stay in place during daily activities. If you are an artist, you may choose a colorful pair of plastic frames to highlight your creativity. If you need sunglasses for the beach, go for soft, colorful frames that will complement your relaxed vibe.

8. Ask an Expert
If you are having trouble deciding which frames might be best for you, ask one of our experienced professionals at Wise Eyes Optical. They will take the time to listen to your needs and walk you through different frame options to help you find the perfect pair that fits your style and budget. The essential factor in choosing glasses is to make sure they fit your face properly and work with your prescription. Regardless of which frames you choose, our trained opticians will have you try them on and make any adjustments before you leave, so that your vision correction is optimal.

Are You Ready to Find Your Perfect Frames?

The definition of the “perfect” eyeglass frames is as unique as the person wearing them. Considering factors like face shape, lifestyle, and complexion can help you determine which frames are right for you, but the perfect pair of frames are the ones that make you feel comfortable and confident.

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