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3 Reasons to Wear Sunglasses in Winter

Protecting Your Vision Is Always in Style

Did you already pack your sunglasses away? Not so fast. You may want to dig them back out! Sure, we all know sunglasses look cool, but the benefits of wearing them go way beyond style. In fact, it is more important than ever to wear your sunglasses during the winter months! Read on to learn why.

#1 UV Protection

You know sunglasses shield your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the hot summer sun. Yet, this threat doesn’t just go away with the warm weather. Surprisingly, despite the colder, shorter days with low light, this threat can be even greater in wintertime.

Research has shown that the reflective surfaces of a snowy, icy winter landscape draped in white can reflect nearly 80% of the sun’s harmful UV light back at you – and from all angles. Clouds, fog, and precipitation do not block damaging UVA rays, either. Your first and best line of defense against UV-related eye cancer, cataracts, age-related macular degeneration (AMD), and vision damage is – you guessed it – your trusty sunglasses!

#2 Wind Protection

Here in Pennsylvania, we know winter is the dreaded time when the coldest, wickedest winds blow. These winds may carry more than cold air! Wind gusts can propel dust, debris, snow, hail, and other particles straight at your corneas at high rates of speed. When traveling at such velocity, these airborne missiles can abrade and damage your corneas. This can cause significant pain and/or contribute to vision loss.

The wind itself is not blameless. Winter winds can rapidly sap the moisture from your eyes, leaving them dangerously dry and at risk. Furthermore, in frigid temperatures, wind-whipped corneas may even begin to freeze. Fortunately, you can easily shield your eyes from being freeze-dried and pummeled with windborne particles on windy winter days by wearing a pair of close-fitting wraparound style sunglasses. You’ll be glad you did!

#3 Comfort

Much like in summer, wearing your sunglasses throughout the winter can provide welcome relief from many environmental conditions such as excessive glare and brightness. Thankfully, you can avoid it all by shielding your eyes with a quality pair of sunglasses.

The bright white surfaces of winter are notorious for creating extreme levels of distracting glare. Not only can these reflections cause temporary vision impairment, but they can also affect your safety. Glares make it more dangerous to drive a vehicle, ski, snowmobile, and enjoy outdoor activities.

The brightness of a snowy landscape can even be so extreme that your pupils aren’t able to constrict enough to protect the interior surfaces of your eyes. When this happens, the eyes may involuntarily squint, and muscles may tighten as the body experiences distress. This can lead to serious eye strain, anxiety, headaches, and more.

Custom Sunglass Options

If you plan to spend much time outdoors in winter, you may want to learn more about our available prescription sunglass options just for hunters, fishermen, professional drivers, outdoorsmen, and others. We carry a selection of specialty lenses with advanced performance features, also. Consider a pair of prescription sunglasses with a polarized lens option for exceptionally enhanced clarity and comfort year-round.

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