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Watery Eyes – Why Are Tears Pouring Down My Face For No Reason?

Have you been sniffing onions, my friend? Although noxious odors, fumes, and chemicals can cause the eyes to tear up and then quickly resolve, when the condition becomes chronic it can begin to have a serious impact on your life.

Are you suffering from watery eyes? If tears seem to be pouring down your face for no apparent reason and the condition is accompanied by pain, irritation, and/or inflammation, you may be one of the more than three million Americans affected by dry eye syndrome.

What Are the Causes of Dry Eyes?

Dry eye syndrome is a very common, yet extremely uncomfortable, condition that can be caused by many factors, including: age, environmental conditions and irritants, overuse, extended contact lens use, rheumatoid arthritis, blepharitis, eye inflammation, digital eye strain, thyroid problems, diabetes, hormonal changes, and the use of antihistamine, antidepressant, decongestant, and blood pressure medications. Conjunctivitis, eye injuries, foreign bodies, infections, and inward-growing eyelashes are also common factors that contribute to this condition.

Too Many Tears – A Dangerous Condition

If some tears are good, more are better, right? No! When the surface of the eye is not provided with regular tears of sufficient quality and quantity, sometimes tear production kicks into overdrive (epiphora) in a last-ditch effort to ease the dryness and irritation. Unfortunately, the watering and excessive tears tend to make the situation much worse. As you dab and poke your eyes to remove the excess tears that make it hard to see, further irritation can develop. The influx of tears can actually remove what little beneficial lubrication was there. In some cases, blocked tear ducts may be the cause of your eye watering experience. This condition can quickly become debilitating and dangerous as the excessive tears make seeing clearly impossible. Work and leisure time are affected – and driving becomes too risky.

How to Treat Dry Eyes at Home

If your eyes frequently appear “glassy,” or tears are dripping or running from your eyes uncontrollably, some things you can try at home for relief include giving your eyes a break, applying lubricating eye drops (available over-the-counter), and laying a clean, warm, damp cloth over the affected eye(s) along with gentle massage to help loosen any potential blockages. If you are still suffering, effective treatments are available at your nearest Wise Eyes Optical location.

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