How Do I Find the Best Contacts?

Aside from naming your firstborn child, is there any more difficult decision than choosing the best contacts? Is it worth it? Should you just give up and resign to wearing eyeglasses 24/7/365? Relax. I’ll walk you through it in just a few minutes.

Should I Choose Hard or Soft Lenses?

Almost everyone prefers the comfort and convenience of soft contact lenses – and a soft lens now exists for almost every type and degree of corrective prescription. Yet, you may want to consider rigid gas-permeable (hard) lenses if you have astigmatism or certain medical conditions. Your medical professional will advise you when you receive your prescription. Even if you have astigmatism, excellent options in soft lenses are now available from many manufacturers. It is mainly a personal choice.

What Matters Most: Maintenance, Replacement Schedule or Cost?

Here is where you are going to do a little soul-searching. The less maintenance you are willing or able to do, the more expensive your lenses are going to cost. Although even daily disposables are available at a very reasonable price from Wise Eyes Optical, if you are particularly frugal, you can save even more if you choose longer wear lenses.

Daily Disposable Lenses – With zero maintenance, these lenses are as convenient as it gets. You just throw these lenses out every day and put a fresh pair in when you wake up. If your tears contain excessive protein or you are an allergy sufferer (or just don’t want to deal with cleaning contact lenses every day), this is likely your best option. 

Weekly & Monthly Disposable Lenses – These lenses cost less than daily disposable because they are replaced less frequently, but still offer many benefits for those who prefer a fresh pair of contacts on a regular basis. Note that these lenses do require careful daily cleaning and disinfection.

Extended Wear Lenses – Extended wear lenses are designed to be worn continuously (day and night) for up to a month, depending on the design. These lenses are specially designed to allow adequate oxygen to reach the eye. If you are prone to infections or protein buildup, these lenses are probably not your best choice; however, if you are far too busy to even remove and reinsert daily disposables, ask if extended wear lenses are right for you.

Rigid Gas Permeable (Hard) Lenses – If you will be wearing hard contact lenses, you may be able to enjoy a replacement schedule that allows for up to several years of use before replacement (as long as a stringent cleaning, disinfection, and maintenance schedule is followed and you do not break or lose them).

Beyond Near and Farsighted: Special Lenses for Unique Vision Issues

Astigmatism: Although hard lenses were previously the only option for those with astigmatism, many soft contacts lenses are now available that actually correct the problem without the previous issues that plagued the earliest versions of these lenses (shifting vision, poor correction, blurriness, etc.). If you have astigmatism and haven’t tried contacts in a few years or have given up on them completely, give toric lenses another try! You will love the advancements in performance and comfort.

Presbyopia: If you are having trouble reading the text on your phone, medicine bottles, menus, and other fine print and assumed readers were your only option, think again! Excellent bifocal and multifocal lenses are now available to restore crisp vision across all distances.

Now that you know which type of lenses are right for you, check out the Wise Eyes Optical site to place your order for affordable, quality lenses with fast shipping everywhere across the nation!

Wise Eyes Is Happy to Assist You

If you have any specific questions or a unique eye condition, your Wise Eyes Optical specialist is happy to assist you with making your contact lens selection. Bring in some ideas of what you might like to try and some trial lenses can be ordered in just for you. Contact lenses are available to correct and treat medical conditions, as well as for cosmetic use.

With hundreds of options to choose from and specialty lenses designed to address everything from dry eyes to overnight correction of presbyopia, the ideal lens is waiting to be discovered by you. Your eye care professional can provide further guidance. At Wise Eyes Optical, the goal is helping you achieve your best vision for life.

Get a complete set of eyeglasses for

Get a complete set of eyeglasses for $39 + Fast Free Shipping & Free prescription lenses, Limitations Apply - See Product Details
Get a complete set of eyeglasses for $39 + Fast Free Shipping & Free prescription lenses, Limitations Apply - See Product Details