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Introducing Wiley X Protective Eyewear

Whether you are at a construction site, factory job, playing sports, fishing, or just enjoying the outdoors, Wiley X offers eyewear that caters to every aspect of an active lifestyle. When you need durable sport and safety glasses, or stylish sunglasses, Wise Eyes Optical and Wiley X have you covered with eyewear that provides top-notch protection and comfort.

A Legacy of Protection: Breaking Boundaries and Exceeding Limits

Since 1987, the veteran-founded, family-owned company has been safeguarding the vision of those who safeguard America. Trusted by the military, law enforcement, first responders, and enthusiasts pushing the boundaries of their beloved hobbies, Wiley X eyewear ensures safety in the most challenging situations. Wiley X offers premium protective eyewear for diverse customers facing life’s toughest conditions.
Wiley X initially concentrated on providing premium protective eyewear for military use. Over time, they have broadened their product range to offer high-quality eyewear for various activities. Wiley X stands out in the market for its eyewear tailored to support an active lifestyle, featuring cutting-edge technologies and exceptional protection, ensuring durability against impacts and providing optimal clarity for peak performance. All Wiley X glasses meet ANSI Z78.1 standards, guaranteeing eye safety during any activity.

What Makes Wiley X Unique?

Wiley X eyewear provides exceptional protection and a wide range of eyewear options suitable for various activities, catering to both adults and children seeking affordable yet functional eyewear solutions. When it comes to safety at work or in challenging environments, Wiley X leads with their collection of exceptionally durable safety glasses. And, since eye protection only works if people want to wear it, Wiley X focuses on creating stylish eyewear suitable for any occasion.

Wiley X’s ultra-protective eyewear features durable and lightweight materials, including shatterproof Selenite polycarbonate lenses with scratch-resistant T-Shell Hardcoat and virtually indestructible Triloid nylon frames, as well as flame-resistant components. Wiley X Prescription Safety Sunglasses stand out as the sole premium performance sunwear brand with an entire line that meets ANSI safety ratings. Wiley X eyewear meets or exceeds ANSI Z87.1 standards and OSHA requirements, providing uncompromising impact resistance while also being prescription friendly. Notable features of Wiley X eyewear include:


Lens Material Used by Wiley X

Wiley X exclusively utilizes polycarbonate in all plano and prescription products due to its ability to maintain safety standards even with added coatings, being lightweight, fog-resistant, and offering natural UV protection. The WX+ mark on each lens indicates ANSI-rated and OSHA-compliant glasses, making Wiley X the most tested and impact-resistant eyewear brand in the industry.

Lens Options Include:

• CAPTIVATE™ POLARIZED: Enhances color and contrast, allowing wearers to see beyond normal capabilities.
• POLARIZED: Provides clearer vision by shielding eyes from glare and harmful UV rays in bright sunlight.
• NON-POLARIZED: Offers performance-based tinting suitable for various activities, available in a range of colors to match different lifestyles.
• PHOTOCHROMIC: Adjusts color from light to dark according to UV exposure and temperature, eliminating the need to switch glasses when going outdoors.

Lens Treatments Available:

• WX BLUE: A premium “Blue Blocking” AR coating designed to filter out HEV blue light.

Sustainable Frame Materials

Wiley X’s latest frame designs are crafted from bio-based raw materials that offer a lightweight, flexible, heat-resistant, UV-resistant, and BPA-free construction. These attributes make this material an exceptional sustainable choice for comfort, functionality, and durability, meeting the impact protection standards for all our products. When paired with top-of-the-line lenses, Wiley X frames empower you to perform confidently in any setting. All Wiley X frames meet or exceed ANSI Z87.1 or ASTM F803 safety standards, are classified as PPE, and are recognized as FDA Tier 1 Medical Devices.

Wiley X Authentic Prescriptions Digiforce™ Digital Lenses

Being experts in high-wrap sport and safety eyewear, Wiley X is committed to delivering the same level of clarity and protection to wearers of prescription lenses as they do to those without prescriptions. Through years of innovation and technological refinement, they have ensured that every pair of prescription glasses they create instills confidence in the wearers. Their prescription safety glasses seamlessly combine high-performance protection with style and comfort, catering to a range of activities from work environments to outdoor pursuits. Wiley X doesn’t compromise on quality, allowing you to tackle your toughest tasks knowing your eyes are shielded. Customized to your prescription and personal taste, Wiley X prescription eyewear revolutionizes the way you view PPE and safety eyewear.

Crafted for Versatility: Designed and Constructed with Flexibility in Mind

Wiley X, renowned for its top-notch protective eyewear, offers the perfect balance of protection, style, and comfort. This unique combination of cutting-edge design and functionality is tailored for individuals seeking robust eye protection in various environments, suitable for both industrial use and recreational endeavors. Their stylish yet functional design has made them a popular option for those in need of protective eyewear that also looks good.

These glasses are durable and practical for active individuals needing reliable eye protection, while also versatile enough for workplace or daily wear with adjustable side shields. Lightweight and comfortable, great for all-day use, Wiley X glasses provide clear vision and robust eye protection for professionals and hobbyists seeking reliable eye protection with a timeless appeal.

When you trust your eyes to Wiley X, you’ll experience a new level of enjoyment and personalization with your eyewear. These safety-rated glasses are far from ordinary – Wiley X frames are customizable to meet your unique needs, ensuring you no longer have to switch to different frames once you leave the work site. These stylish frames are designed for all-day wear, offering both protection and fashion-forward looks.

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