Make a Wish! Colored Contacts Make Eye Fantasies Come True

Colored contacts can make all your eye color dreams and fantasies come true. If you’ve ever wished your eyes were brown or blue (or matched your CosPlay character’s eyes), you’re in luck! Modern contact lenses are available in a wide range of colors and for just about any cosmetic and theatrical use you can imagine. Make a wish!

Ready to Rock the Hottest Global Makeover Trend?

Have you noticed something different about your favorite celebrities lately? Selena Gomez, Amber Rose, Beyoncé, Kanye West, Paris Hilton, and the list goes on… Everyone from models and actresses to some of our favorite vocalists are taking advantage of the hottest makeover trend sweeping the world. From Japan (where larger pupils are in vogue) and the vivid violets and teals of Hollywood to the more subtle cosmetic color enhancements friends and neighbors are rocking on streets across the U.S., there’s no doubt that we are seeing a tremendous interest in eye enhancement around the globe! Are you ready?

Do I Need a Prescription for Colored Contacts?

While vision correction is not a requirement for these types of lenses, remember that ALL contact lenses require a valid prescription and follow-up care from your friendly Wise Eyes optometrist because they pose the same general risks of complications, including eye infections, as standard contact lenses. Did you see some cute contacts at the drug store or costume shop? Don’t even think about it. Not only is it illegal to obtain contact lenses without a prescription, it is very dangerous (yes, we are talking about vision loss and blindness here). It’s just not worth the risk. Contact your nearest Wise Eyes Optical office for assistance.

Take Center Stage With a Bold New Eye Color – Choose Your Favorite

If you regularly wear contacts or are ready to take the plunge into a new realm where your beautiful, bright eyes take center stage wherever you go, grab your prescription and check out the wide range of options. Whether you are interested in a subtle, extremely natural-looking shade to enhance your own natural eye color, disguise a disfigurement/injury, or plan to take the world by storm with a funky, fun, or ethereal look, comfortable colored contact lenses are now a reality. With color choices ranging from bold, dramatic browns to the most brilliant sky blues and even turquoise, plum, and lavender shades, changing up your look has never been so exciting!

Ready to Go From Boring to Beautiful?

Interested in pursuing your own striking makeover? Colored contacts go way beyond eyeshadow and other cosmetics in their dramatic effect on your appearance. Carefully consider which colors and shades will accentuate your appearance. Wise Eyes Optical can help you look fabulous for a special occasion – or choose to wear your exciting new look every day. Visit our site to learn more about how Wise Eyes can take your look from boring to beautiful!

Get a complete set of eyeglasses for

Get a complete set of eyeglasses for $39 + Fast Free Shipping & Free prescription lenses, Limitations Apply - See Product Details
Get a complete set of eyeglasses for $39 + Fast Free Shipping & Free prescription lenses, Limitations Apply - See Product Details