What Are the Best Glasses For My Face Shape?

You look your best when you’re wearing the colors that work with your hair and eye color as well as your skin tone. There aren’t many of us who can pull off wearing banana yellow, but when you see it happen, it’s something you won’t soon forget. Likewise, there are certain styles that match (rather than conflict with) your personality. You know what I’m talking about here… While I can’t give you much advice when it comes to whether that bright blue eyeshadow is flattering or not (yes I can: AVOID. AVOID. AVOID.) or whether you should wear the leopard print on your big date (I’ll leave that one up to you), I can give you some solid tips on picking out the best eyeglass frames for your face shape. Let’s keep you looking your best. Let’s get started.


If you have been blessed with the ideal oval-shaped face, congratulations, beautiful. Your high cheekbones and mild jawline that tapers in a little more than your slightly narrow forehead gives you a look so versatile you can pull off just about anything. Other than grossly oversized glasses, go ahead and choose any style, shape, or color you like.


If your forehead is the widest part of your face with high cheekbones that taper down to your chin, you have a heart-shaped face. There are lots of options to flatter your attractive appearance and help balance your face. Since your face is wider at the top, your best choices are not going to be top-heavy frames or dark colors. Get a great look with thin frames in light colors. Round and oval metal frames tend to look great on heart-shaped faces.


Your wide forehead, rounded cheeks, and rounded chin give you (you guessed it!) a round face. This a great look that suits many, but when selecting eyewear frames, you are going to want to avoid small, round, short frames so you can enjoy some complimentary contrast and facial definition. Achieve this with square, wider frames for a pleasing look you will love.


The square face is dominated by a wide, broad forehead with an equally wide and broad horizontally oriented chin and jawline. Your strong, square face looks great in a wide range of styles, but steer clear of square and rectangular frames in favor of rounded or oval frames for a softer look that accentuates all your best features. Consider darker colored frames that sit higher on the face for a particularly pleasing pair of glasses!


We don’t see this face shape very often. Characterized by both a narrow forehead and chin, the diamond-shaped face is dominated by high, wide cheekbones with narrowly set eyes. Achieve an overall pleasantly attractive appearance by steering clear of thin, narrow frames in favor of top-heavy oval frames and rimless styles.

No matter what shape face you have, Wise Eyes Optical has many great, comfortable frames for you! Can’t figure out what shape your face is? No problem! We’re here to help in any way we can. Contact us for personalized assistance selecting your new frames.

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