What Your Eyeglasses Say About You

It goes without saying that wearing eyeglasses instantly makes you appear more intelligent, but beyond that, what exactly do your eyeglasses say about you? Every aspect of our appearance sends out a message to those around us. Considering that our glasses sit directly on our face, there is perhaps no article of clothing or accessory that serves as a better indicator of our personalities. From size and shape to color and material, your eyewear is sending a clear message. Be sure you’re communicating what you intend to say about yourself!

Your Eyewear Style Choices Say A Lot About You

Everyone has to make a place for themselves in this world and from appearance and social status, the devil is in the details. Whether corrective lenses, sunglasses, or fashion-only frames, here’s the general consensus about what your eyewear style choices say about you.

Acetate & Plastic Frames – You are youthful and carefree. Available in a wide range of fun styles, plastic and acetate frames are ready for adventure and don’t tie you down.

Metal Frames – You are more responsible and mature – a true professional at what you do (whatever that may be). Metal frames are well suited to traditional white-collar trades such as banking and accounting.

Rectangular-shaped Frames – You are highly educated with a reserved personality.

Oval-shaped Frames – You are driven by logic – and function rules the day for you. This simple, clean look is subtle and refreshing.

Round-shaped Frames – You are eccentric, quirky, and unconventional. This unique, vintage style is becoming extremely popular among men in their 40s to early 50s.

Aviator-shaped Frames – You are an active adventurer and a risk-taker of an extreme nature. Rules do not hold you back. You live in the moment and you will not be outdone. This frame style is retro-cool and has been a staple of the bold and brave for decades.

Semi-rimless/Club Master/Browline Frames – You are known for being both highly intelligent and stylish. This powerful professional style aims high, but not as high as you, with your perfect blend of quick wit, business sense, and well-rounded personality.

Thick Black Frames – Über-trendy, ultra cool, and hip to the max, you are young, bold, and do not need to be told that these glasses are the #1 choice for teens and 20-somethings.

Colorful Plastic & Acetate Frames – Whether you are outgoing or an introvert at heart, colorful frames tell the world that you appreciate art, music, and all the beauty the world has to offer. A favorite frame of bibliophiles, painters, musicians, and animal lovers.

Striped & Patterned Frames – You are someone who takes life in stride and appreciates the fun and whimsical side of youth. Whether seven or 70, you enjoy expressing your joie de vivre across all aspects of your life – and your eyewear is no exception.

Whether your style is mild or wild, Wise Eyes Optical has the perfect frame to express your personality, make a statement, or just show off your favorite color!

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