10 Signs That Your Child Might Need Glasses

How To Know If Your Child Needs Glasses

Sight is so important during all stages of life – especially childhood! The comment we hear most often from parents during their child’s first eyeglass fitting is, “I had absolutely no idea there was even a problem.” Unfortunately, children won’t know that anything is wrong with their vision, so you will never hear your child complain that things are hard to see or that their vision is blurry at certain distances, or anything like that. They will assume their vision is normal and that the way they see things is just how it is. So, how can you know if your child needs glasses?

The Best In Life Begins With Great Vision

You want your child to have the best in life – and all life experiences are closely related to the sense of sight. Everything from learning to draw the letter “A” to seeing how far away the blizzard is as he or she scales the final ascent on Everest involves good eyesight for success. Regular screenings as well as careful observation on your part can really make a big difference in your child’s life quality. If your child is sent home with a letter indicating any deviance in the field of vision from the school nurse after a regularly scheduled vision exam, call your Wise Eyes Optical eye care professional right away.

Take These Signs of Failing Eyesight Seriously!

Ok, so we all know how important vision is, but what exactly should you be watching for? Well, if your child’s eyes are crossing or they seem to be bumping into things a lot, these are pretty good indications that a vision issue (or more serious medical problem) should be evaluated right away. The vast majority of children will experience much more subtle symptoms, but for your child’s sake you should take any of the following signs of failing eyesight seriously if you do notice them:

  1. Headache Complaints
  2. Squinting to See
  3. Losing Place During Reading
  4. Covering One Eye
  5. Sitting Very Close to the TV or Holding Objects Close to Face
  6. Rubbing the Eyes Frequently
  7. Reading Difficulties & Poor School Performance
  8. Behavioral Issues
  9. Head Tilting
  10. Tearing of the Eyes For No Apparent Reason

Why Are Regularly Scheduled Eye Exams So Important?

Despite the signs and an increasing awareness of the serious negative effects of poor eyesight on all aspects of life, most parents are unable to make the determination. Even though I provide vision education, I missed the fact that my own child required a rather strong prescription until a regularly scheduled annual exam detected the condition. There were no noticeable signs – and this is why it is so important to make sure you bring your child in for his or her regular eye examinations at your nearest Wise Eyes Optical location.

Give Your Child Every Advantage – Including Great Vision

Give your child every advantage you can in school and in life by ensuring that he or she can see as well as possible! Are you concerned about your child being picked on or bullied for wearing glasses? Although I can’t guarantee that won’t happen, I was pleasantly surprised when my own son proudly put his glasses on – and then never wanted to take them back off! Aside from his newfound appreciation for his new, clear vision, I learned that apparently eyeglasses are now viewed as a cool fashion accessory for kids and teens. Many of the hottest retailers for teens have shelves stocked with plano (non-prescription) reading glasses, and both girls and boys enjoy color coordinating their eyewear with their outfits. I shouldn’t really be surprised, because I enjoy doing the same, but wow, what a relief. With Wise Eyes Optical’s low $19 price for a complete pair of frames and lenses, you can let your child pick out a few of their favorites and get all the benefits of clear vision with maximum style.

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