New to Wearing Glasses? Some Things You Should Know

How to Adjust to Your New Glasses

If you are new to wearing glasses, or are adjusting to a new pair of glasses or eyeglass prescription, things can get a little…strange. You might be feeling a little confused or disoriented – maybe even a bit scared, but please don’t worry! It is normal for your brain to freak out a little bit when all of the bad old vision info it was receiving (and knew how to process) is replaced with an accurate representation of the world around you. It gets better. I promise.

Better Vision Makes Life Easier

When adjusting to your new vision be aware that there will be a short adjustment period – and yes, for some this can include a few days of tired, sore eyes, possible headaches, and even a sensation of being slightly off-balance or dizzy. The more often you wear your glasses the faster the process will finish.

Experiencing adjustment effects does not mean that your glasses are making your sick or that they are harming you! Your brain, nervous system, muscles, and the rest of your body systems have to learn how to re-process all of the new information being received through your sense of sight (and that is a lot!). Your brain was working extra hard in the past to compensate for your eyes sending the wrong information, but it got good at it. Now, you are sending in the right information and everything needs recalibrated. After the adjustment period is complete, your brain won’t have to work as hard and you will notice that a lot of things will get easier. It’s worth it!

Relax and Enjoy Your New Clarity of Sight

Now that you can finally see the street signs and that mole on Aunt Edna’s chin with amazing clarity, you may find yourself a bit startled at the difference between how you believed the world looked and how it actually appears. You will get used to this rather quickly and likely learn to appreciate seeing things the way they are.

Headaches, eye muscle strain, dizziness, and light sensitivity vanish as soon as the brain accepts that your body can relax a little and not have to struggle so hard to make sense of the world.

You can help expedite the adjustment period by wearing your new glasses for a few hours each day, and keeping them nice and clean with a microfiber lens cloth.

If your eyeglasses themselves are causing physical pain across the bridge of your nose, where they sit on your ears, or anywhere else, they can be easily adjusted or fitted with soft pads to make them more comfortable to wear. Your Wise Eyes Optical professional can assist you. If you have selected a frame that is too large or heavy for comfortable long-term wear of if your prescription is extreme, you may want to consider investing in an ultra lightweight frame with high-index lenses.

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