2020 Eyewear Trends

The 4 Hottest Trends in Eyewear For 2020

Stylish eyewear continues to be one of the hottest fashion trends going into 2020 – but not every frame fits the bill! Choosing the best frames and lenses to fit your face and keep up with style is important. With all of the trendiest stores and boutiques now stocking attractive plano (nonprescription) eyewear to help accessorize your 2020 look, you may have noticed that although they look great, the frames may be too large or too small for your face – NOT good. You can count on Wise Eyes Optical to help you find the perfect custom style and fit whether you are wearing designer eyewear for fashion or function. Choose your favorite from the four hottest trends coming in for 2020 – or go all out and take the world by storm with all of them!

1. Sexy Streamlined Sunglasses With Mirror Lenses

Sunglasses remain a perpetual favorite! The 2020 look is no exception. This year, the hottest looks include sleek, flat modern lenses, mirror coatings in a multitude of colors, and bold, colorful tints. We are seeing colored wire frames making a bold splash this year on the ski slopes and at tropical vacation destinations around the globe, as well as vintage iconic looks in sexy remakes for a streamlined, modern look. Clip-on sunglasses are also making a comeback for 2020! Go big and bold with the newest looks in sunglasses from your style source, Wise Eyes Optical.

2. Thin, Light & Bright Clear Colorful Frames

The thicker styles of frames are taking a backseat to this year’s thinner frames in a wide range of clear, colorful hues. 2020’s eyewear trend is definitely going light and bright on the color spectrum with comfort that lasts all day in translucent acetate shades of blues, greens, pinks, and grays.

3. Thin Metal in Colorful Options For Every Face Shape

Metal frames are front and center for 2020, but we are seeing a dramatic shift from last year’s subdued grays and browns to big, bold, colorful options in thin metal frames. With so many choices, there is a perfect frame for every face shape. We are seeing this trend across all ages and genders, so no matter what your style, now is your time to shine. Show off your favorite color! Designers are rolling out the newest jewel tones right now. If you prefer a less dramatic look, don’t worry – our designers are offering some of the newest styles in classic black and metals, as well.

4. Detail & Eyewear That Makes a Statement

Runways across the country and around the world are featuring a wide variety of eyewear that makes a bold statement for 2020. The aviator is back again in a big way! Attention to detail and handcrafted accents, narrower frames, rimless frames, extended rectangles and geometric shapes, sporty frames, and color, color, COLOR is everywhere this season! Oval frames continue their dominance on the eyewear scene, as well.

Browse Wise Eyes Optical’s extensive selection of fashion frames from the world’s finest eyewear designers and put your best look forward for 2020.

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Get a complete set of eyeglasses for $39 + Fast Free Shipping & Free prescription lenses, Limitations Apply - See Product Details