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6 Best Tips to Prevent Your Eyeglasses from Fogging Up

Face Mask Hacks

When it is necessary to wear a face mask in addition to your eyeglasses, reading glasses, safety glasses, or protective goggles, the problem of fogged up glasses can quickly become an issue! Why? Eyeglasses “fog up” when the warm, moist air you exhale with each breath rises and contacts the relatively cooler insides of your glasses. Just like the hot, humid air against a glass of iced lemonade in summer, it condenses and forms tiny water droplets.

#1. Ensure Your Face Mask Fits Snugly

Masks come in several different sizes. Choose a face mask that fits as closely as possible around all areas of your face, especially the bridge of your nose. This will help prevent exhaled air from being directed at your eyeglasses. Be sure to use the moldable internal strip to fit the mask around the bridge of your nose, as well.

#2. Seal the Mask with Your Glasses

If you are able, you can try sliding the face mask higher up over your nose. Then, secure the edges with your glasses. This can help contain some of the exhaled air. Be sure your eyeglasses are secure, so they don’t slide off and fall!

#3. Wash Your Eyeglasses

Simply washing your eyewear with a solution of warm water and mild soap can make a big difference. Thanks to the surfactant effect of the thin, clear layer of soap left behind after washing, the moisture in exhaled breath is prevented from contacting the glass and fogging it up. For maximum effectiveness, wash the glasses just before wearing, pat dry to avoid rubbing off the soap film, air dry for a minute or two, and wear. Repeat often.

#4. Create a Tight Taped Seal Around the Mask

Doctors, surgeons, and other medical professionals who must wear face masks for extended periods of time have discovered an excellent way to avoid fogged up eyewear. This tip requires a bit of prep work, but it can be highly effective. It involves fashioning a tight seal around the edges of the mask. To do this, you can try lining the bridge of the nose area and inside edges around the entire perimeter of the mask with pieces of skin-safe double-sided tape. Be sure your face is clean, free of oil, and dry before applying the prepared mask. Those with oily skin may want to wipe the face with an alcohol swab and allow to dry before applying the mask.

#5. Apply an Anti-fog Eyeglass Solution

Ask your eyecare professional which anti-fog lens solutions can be used safely and effectively on your specific eyeglass lenses. These products can be highly effective, but some types may damage sensitive lens treatments. It is important to ensure the solution is designed to work effectively with any lens coatings present on your glasses, as well.

#6. Have You Considered Contact Lenses?

Does nothing seem to work? Are you still unable to prevent your glasses from fogging up while wearing a facemask? If so, it may be time to ask your eye doctor if a trial of contact lenses is right for you.

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