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Clean Your Contact Lenses in 5 Easy Steps

How to Care for Your Contact Lenses

Clean – Disinfect – Store

Wise Eyes Optical offers a variety of high-quality contact lenses to meet your vision requirements. Take care of your lenses and they will return the favor. Unless you have been instructed otherwise, you may follow the following general guidelines to clean your standard contact lenses. If it has been a while since your original contact lens instructional appointment, this information may also be useful as a general information refresher. If anything is unclear, you aren’t sure of something, or you have any questions, we are here for you. Please call Wise Eyes Optical for assistance at (717) 242-1915.

Step One: Wash, Rinse & Dry Your Hands

Before touching your contact lenses or accessories, you must thoroughly wash your hands with an oil-free, antibacterial soap, and warm, clean water.

Use a fingernail brush to gently scrub away any dirt, germs, and/or oils that may be lodged just under your nails.

Be sure to completely rinse all traces of soap from your hands and dry with a clean, lint-free towel before proceeding.

Step Two: Cleaning Your Contacts

With the pads of your fingers, rub fresh contact lens cleaning/disinfecting/multipurpose solution over all surfaces of each contact lens, one at a time.

Be careful not to allow your fingernails to contact the lens. Do not allow the tip of the solution bottle to touch any surface. Re-cap the bottle immediately.


Use only fresh contact lens cleaning solution recommended by your Wise Eyes Optical eye care professional. This may be either a cleaning/disinfecting or multipurpose solution. If you are unsure, do not guess. Call us to clarify.

Please note, even if it has been recommended that you use a “no rub” contact lens solution, you MUST still rub the lenses to clean them properly.

Step Three: Wash Your Contact Lens Case

Empty any old solution from your contact lens case.

Use the same type of contact lens cleaning solution you used to clean your contacts to clean your contact lens case. Hold the case over a sink and liberally squirt plenty of fresh solution over all surfaces of the case to wash it out.

Step Four: Dry & Store Your Lens Case

Dry your contact lens case with the lids off. Store upside down on a clean, dry surface.

Be sure your storage location is not humid (such as a bathroom) to help prevent the formation of mold, fungi, and other harmful pathogens that could seriously harm your eyes and vision. Do not store your case in dusty or otherwise contaminated areas.

Step Five: Refilling Your Lens Case

When it’s time to place your contact back in their case, fill with clean, fresh contact lens cleaning solution or multipurpose solution as directed by your provider.

Never mix old and new contact lens solutions. Old solution is not reusable and must be disposed of immediately.

Your contact lens case must be replaced often, or at least every 3 months. If the case becomes cracked, damaged, or dirty, it must be replaced immediately. For this reason, you should try to always have a spare contact case on hand.

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