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Eyewear Trends For Men

These days, glasses are more than just a vision enhancement; they are one part of your unique style that can alter your appearance and up your fashion game. Not only do your glasses provide crucial eye protection, but they also add to your style and reflect your personality. A pair of glasses can take your appearance to the next level. You may not have considered glasses when it comes to fashion trends, but this eyewear accessory has been in high demand this year.

For 2023, Wise Eyes Optical’s collection of high-tech and modern craftsmanship addresses the ever-changing fashion trends. From vintage classics to bold silhouettes, this year’s top eyewear trends give you plenty of fashion-forward options. With frames for every style, there’s no better time to freshen up your look!

Check out this year’s most popular men’s glasses to see which you love the most:

1. Clear glasses frames-
A transparent frame is the most versatile and universally flattering frame, and a subtle way to add some contemporary style to any outfit, and because they’re colorless, they look good on all skin tones too. In addition, the thicker frame will also be able to accommodate most prescriptions, so you don’t need to worry about your lenses peeking through from the edge of your frame.

There are many shapes and sizes of frames. For those with angular face shapes, frames with rounded edges will add balance and soften more prominent features. But for individuals with rounder face shapes, square and rectangular frames will provide definition and give you a more chiseled look.

2. Oversized 70s-style glasses frames-
For a totally different look, big, bold silhouettes reminiscent of the 70s have made a dramatic return, providing a fun way to express your individuality. These chunky frames come in loads of silhouettes and colors to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Since these frames are on the larger side, always opt for lightweight materials for the most comfortable fit, especially if you plan to wear your glasses throughout the day.

3. Boldly black glasses frames-
Black frames are a timeless and sophisticated choice that many have turned to for an elevated look.

The dark color of these frames will draw attention to your facial features, so it’s very important to choose the right shape and size for your face shape. A classic rectangular shape with subtly rounded edges is a tried and tested silhouette that looks good on everyone.

4. Wire frame aviators-
Aviators in contemporary metals give you the best of both worlds, combining modern with vintage-inspired. These lightweight frames can be dressed up or down depending on where you’re going.

Classic teardrop-shaped aviators flatter angular faces best, while flat-top rectangular styles will give round face shapes some added definition.

5. Circle glasses frames-
Circle lenses have always been popular and are the best choice for those who want something low-key, yet polished. The minimalist design adds a touch of elegance to a casual outfit but also makes a great addition for black tie events.

These frames typically suit diamond and heart shaped faces the most, and also flatter the symmetrical features of an oval shaped face.

6. Geometric glasses frames-
If you are not a fan of traditional silhouettes, then perhaps this year’s out-of-the-box geometric styles will be more to your liking. From all-out angles to a combination of two shapes, a geometric frame will give you a totally unique look that’s sure just what you are looking for.

These frames not only highlight your best facial features but will also accentuate your individual style and personality. A mix of soft curves and sharp angles will give an exceptional spin to your typical round or square frames, while one-of-a-kind polygon shapes add to your distinctive style.

When it comes to style, Wise Eyes Optical’s collection of men’s eyeglasses is unmatched. We have hundreds of frames for men, ranging from minimalistic metal frames to trendy trapezoid looks, and everything in between. We carry designer frames from HARLEY-DAVIDSON®, Ernest Hemingway®, GUESS, Realtree®, Avalon, Cantera, Enhance, Bongo, Wired, Capri, Di Caprio, and NEW YORK EYE®. Just what you need to elevate your entire appearance.

So, if you’re looking for a change from those glasses that you’ve been wearing for ages, then you’ve come to the right place. Trends come and go, but finding a frame that fits you and your style can be life changing. At Wise Eyes Optical, we have a team ready to help you if you need assistance or free to browse on your own. You can check out some of the styles at https://wiseeyesoptical.com/product-category/mens/.

Find the frames you like best and rock your style!

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