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Safety Tips for Eye Makeup

You wake in the morning, dress, and apply your makeup and prepare for your day. While it can be fun to wear makeup, using it around your eyes every day can cause problems. Makeup contains a lot of chemicals and components which may or may not cause infections and injuries when not used properly.
You don’t have to compromise your eye health for beauty. Many people love to enhance the beauty of their eyes with cosmetics, but they don’t want to risk their vision or health. If you choose to wear cosmetics, the professionals from Wise Eyes Optical have some eye makeup safety tips to help you stay safe while looking your best.

The Closer to your Eye, the Greater the Risk

Bacteria and fungi are not usually on your mind when you’re trying for that smoky-eye look, but mascara, eyeliner and other eye makeup can cause infections and injuries when not used properly. They all increase the chances of eye infection because bacteria can build up on them and then get into the eyes. All it takes is a single use to contaminate a mascara wand. Eye shadow and eye liner meant for the outside of the eyelid are much safer.
Another potential hazard is scratching. A poke in the eye from a mascara wand or eyeliner pencil can scratch the cornea, and any dry, flaky, and powdery makeup that gets in the eye can cause redness, irritation, and swelling.

Protect Your Eyes While Looking Great

We aren’t suggesting that you should give up all eye makeup. We’re simply recommending using a reasonable amount of caution because your eyes are very vulnerable. Try these tips to protect your eyes when using makeup:
• Be aware of makeup expiration dates, especially eye liner and mascara. Old makeup is much more likely to cause irritation and infection.
• Throw away eye makeup after three months and get new products. Infection-causing bacteria grow easily in creamy or liquid eye makeup.
• Before applying makeup, be sure your face and eyelids are very clean.
• Always use clean brushes when applying your makeup.
• Always apply makeup outside the lash line, away from the eye, to avoid blocking the oil glands of the upper or lower eyelid.
• Never share eye makeup, even with family or close friends.
• Only use cosmetics that are designed for use around the eyes. Avoid products that contain untested or harsh chemicals.
• When sampling makeup in stores use only fresh applicators and samples that have not been contaminated by multiple users. The safest choice is to avoid store samples altogether.
• If you develop an eye infection, like pink eye, immediately toss all of your eye makeup and don’t use eye makeup until the infection is gone.
• Be careful who you buy color contacts from. Even if you don’t need corrective lenses, color contact lenses still need to fit the unique size and shape of your eyes, so only buy from vendors who require a prescription. Wise Eyes Optical carries Alcon’s FreshLook® Color Contact Lenses. They are available in a wide range of attractive colors to enhance or totally transform the color of your eyes, with or without vision correction.

Avoid Allergic Reactions and Harmful Ingredients

Introduce only one new eye makeup or care product at a time. That way it is easier to identify which products that you are reacting to. Don’t add another new product until you know you’re not reacting to the first one. If you notice an allergic reaction, itching, burning, or irritation after using a cosmetic product, discontinue use.
Try to avoid these eye makeup ingredients:

• Kohl – The name “kohl” sometimes describes an eye makeup color, but it is also a traditional eye cosmetic used in Asia and Africa. Because it contains lead, U.S. cosmetics prohibit kohl. Avoid potentially kohl-containing cosmetics made overseas and beware of products that don’t disclose all ingredients.
• Glitter – Metallic or glittery cosmetics can induce flakes into your eyes, irritating or possibly scratching the cornea, especially if you wear contacts.
• Mascara with “Fibers” – Some mascaras contain little fibers designed to make lashes look longer. These fibers can edge into and irritate your eyes.
Discuss any reactions with a medical professional, in some cases, your doctor may want to perform an examination to rule out injury or illness.

Removing Eye Makeup Safely

Be sure to remove all eye makeup before bedtime, especially mascara that can stick to the lashes. If not removed properly, eye makeup can cause irritation.

• Use a mild eye makeup remover like a cleanser formulated for around the eyes, Vaseline, or baby shampoo to remove cosmetics around the eyes. Be careful not to get the cleanser in your eyes. And thoroughly rinse the residue off.
• Brush a clean cotton swab along the base of the eyelashes to remove all makeup remnants.
• Be especially careful with exfoliating scrubs and don’t use them around your eyes. Cleansers with scrubbing beads or gritty additions can scratch and irritate your eyes.

Call Your Doctor or Seek Immediate Medical Care if:

• You have signs of an eye infection, including:
o Pus or thick discharge coming from the eye.
o Redness or swelling around the eye.
o A fever.
• You have new or worsening eye pain.
• You have vision changes.
• It feels like there is something in your eye.
• Light hurts your eye.

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