Precision Vision Behind the Wheel With Transitions® Drivewear® Lenses

Professional Driver? Casual Driver? Drivewear Lenses Are a Must!

Like death and taxes, sun, rain, and glare while driving are safe assumptions. If you’re a professional driver, you deal with these annoyances often. Yet, it doesn’t have to be this way – even if you wear prescription glasses. If you’re like me (a casual driver who likes to pretend you’re a pro) and prefer precision vision when you’re behind the wheel, you’re going to love Transitions® Drivewear® lenses!

When Only the Most Advanced Daytime Driving Glasses Will Do
Professional drivers – and anyone who wants the crispest, clearest vision behind the wheel – now have a better option for clear vision anywhere the road takes you. Transitions® Drivewear® lenses combine Transitions® photochromic technology and NuPolar® polarization technology to deliver the most advanced drivewear available today. The sun, rain, and glare can be more than annoying; They can be downright dangerous. Yet, they are no match for Drivewear® lenses.

They Work In the Sun – and Behind the Wheel
Like all quality sun lenses from Transitions®, Drivewear® lenses adapt to light outdoors. What really makes these lenses “shine” though (pardon the pun) is the fact that they are able to detect glare even behind the UV-coated windows of your vehicle. We live in an amazing age! With Drivewear® lenses as an option for your prescription (or nonprescription) sunglasses, a life free of road glare (and harsh reflections off of water and other surfaces) is within reach. Transitions® Drivewear® lenses offer enhanced crisp, clear, daytime vision whether you enjoy driving, hiking, fishing, hunting, or just spending time outdoors.

Driving Into the Glare (And Back Out) -Responsive Photochromic Lenses

Generic photochromic lenses are slow to react. They slowly darken when exposed to solar rays and gradually lighten in the absence of UV rays. Transitions® Drivewear® lenses are different. As the most advanced photochromic lenses in the world, they are remarkably responsive – and they don’t depend on UV light to make the transition. They’re activated by both UV and visible light!

Overcast & Low Light
These amazing lenses feature full-time polarization with a high-contrast greenish-yellow hue while driving or outdoors in overcast or low light conditions. This allows your brain to better cut through the confusion. These lenses actually maximize the amount of useful light information reaching the eye so you can better focus.

Behind the Wheel
Hop in your vehicle and crank up the tunes. Drivewear® lenses just seem to know it’s time to switch into cool cat mode. Like the flip of a switch, the lenses darken to an attractive copper color. So stylish.

Outdoors In Full Sunlight
When you get to your destination and the glare comes at you with a full onslaught, Drivewear® lenses don’t fold; They amp up the protection even more! In full sun and similar extreme outdoor conditions, Drivewear® lenses change to a gorgeous dark reddish brown color. They shield your eyes from the bright light while filtering out the glare, while also placing special emphasis on highlighting and recognizing the greens of nature. This deeper, darker look is übercool – and a way more comfortable transition to 100% UV protection. When you no longer need this degree of eye protection, the lenses kick back down to copper for driving or the attractive greenish-yellow shade in low light.

Nature Lovers Rejoice!

A Crystal Clear View of Nature
No matter what driving and outdoor conditions you face, you can enjoy accurate perception of the subtleties of the roadway, other vehicles – and my favorite, the natural world. As a self-proclaimed bird aficionado and naturalist myself, I absolutely love that these lenses help me better identify wildlife, herbs, flowers, and other features of the natural landscape. The awesome visual experience offered by Drivewear® lenses makes them an ideal prescription and nonprescription sunglass choice for hunters, boaters, fishermen, and outdoorsmen, and those who work outdoors, too.

Fall In Love With Transitions Drivewear Lenses

Have you tried photochromic lenses in the past and been less than impressed? If so, I have some awesome news for you! Authentic Transitions® Drivewear® lenses now offer stability across multiple light levels, superior contrast, excellent color recognition, advanced performance with full-time polarization and glare reduction, and increased reactivity to indirect sunlight (on cloudy days, when driving, or wearing a hat, for example). Personally, I have Drivewear® lenses in all my sunglasses now and wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m honestly blown away at the comfort and superior performance of these lenses!

The Perfect Lenses for Your Driving Passion

All eyeglass wearers can benefit from the advanced features of Drivewear® lenses – and they’re a great sunglass choice for anyone. Keep in mind that, as a sun lens, Drivewear® lenses are intended for use in sunglasses intended for daylight us and during daytime driving conditions (because they never become completely clear). Wise Eyes Optical offers a wide selection of lenses to suit your passion for driving and enjoying the great outdoors. You can check out all available options and order your new eyewear direct online with a copy of your standard eyeglass prescription. They make it so easy!

Get a complete set of eyeglasses for

Get a complete set of eyeglasses for $39 + Fast Free Shipping & Free prescription lenses, Limitations Apply - See Product Details
Get a complete set of eyeglasses for $39 + Fast Free Shipping & Free prescription lenses, Limitations Apply - See Product Details