What Does My Eyeglass Frame Color Say About Me?

Eyeglass Frame Color

The Color of Your Glasses Says More Than You May Realize!

Color is a powerful thing! It can influence everything from thoughts, emotions, and behavior. It can even affect how others view us.

Want to be sure you’re sending the right message? Accenting your favorite features? Read our guide below for expert advice. Get ready to learn how to choose the best color for your new glasses!

Color Matters
Important Initial Considerations
Complementary Versus Contrasting Color
What Your Eyewear Color Says About You

Why Does the Color of My Glasses Matter?

Have you ever felt out of place or uncomfortable because what you were wearing didn’t match your personality? I think we all have.

If you generally dress conservatively, you’d probably feel at least a bit awkward heading to work wearing, for example, a neon orange fur coat with purple zebra stripes and a flashing antenna headband. Right?

Likewise, if you feel driven to push the envelope, you may not feel a traditional suit with stiff starched linen and cufflinks represents your personality well. And you would be correct. You get the picture.

There’s a time for fun, and a place for formal wear, but remember, you’ll probably wear your new eyeglasses daily! That’s why it’s so important to choose an eyewear color and style you’ll feel comfortable wearing.

Important Initial Considerations

Eyewear Color

What’s In Your Wardrobe?

First, take a quick peek in your closet. What do you see? Mostly neutral shades of black, tan, white, and navy? A bright splash of rainbow colors? Is virtually everything you own blue, like my closet? (If so, high five!) Keep that image in mind.

Know Your Skin Tone & Body Shades

Look in the mirror. If your hair, skin undertones, and eyes have more of a yellowish-red or olive-green spectrum, this is considered a warm skin tone. In contrast, if you’ve got bluish-green skin undertones, blue or green eyes, and little to no auburn or red shade to your hair color, this is a cool complexion. Yes, there are endless variations! You just need a general idea.

To Complement or Contrast . . . That Is the Question

No matter what’s in your dresser or the dominant shades and hues of your body, if you’d like your new eyeglasses to complement your look, you’re probably going to want to stick with a neutral color like black, clear, or tortoiseshell for your eyewear.

If your body shades are warm, and so are most of your clothes, a red, brown, orange, or yellow pair of frames may work well.

Cool complexions and color wardrobes (like my daily uniform of blue jeans, blue shirts, blue blouses, and so on) will best match eyewear that’s blue, obviously, but a shade of green or purple could work out, too.

Of course, if you want a bold, contrasting look that makes a statement, go for it. Show off your eye or hair color. Contrast your hazel or deep brown eyes with a pair of bright blue or vibrant green glasses. Make those blue or green eyes POP with some orange or red frames. You’re in charge here!

What the Color of Your Eyeglasses Says About You

OK, OK . . . on to the fun part, COLOR! We’ve known for a long time that the colors people prefer – and choose for themselves – can represent many things. Color goes beyond what simply “looks best.” It can impact those around us on a subconscious level.

Think about it. What would you think if your neighbor painted their house white? How about tan? Well, what if they painted it bright red? Clearly there is more to color than meets the eye.


Red is an intense color associated with strong emotions. It has long been associated with action, passion, excitement, and sometimes, even danger.

Red eyeglasses may send a message that you are bold, adventurous, and unafraid to meet a challenge. Wearing red may also be interpreted by others to mean you are impulsive or intimidating. Red is an ideal eyewear color choice for those in positions of power – and those striving to represent their authority and leadership skills.


A close cousin to red, orange also represents action and excitement. It attracts attention – but in a different way. Orange represents the fun, social aspects of life, a creative and upbeat energy that can’t be chained.

Choosing a cheery orange frame may tell others that you’re ready to work – and play – hard. You’re not afraid to take the lead, but above all you’re a team player. You are a “mover and shaker” dedicated not only to nurturing your own success but that of those around you, too. You’re equally comfortable diving into a deep intellectual conversation with a close friend, hosting a banquet, or giving a speech at a large event – and can be trusted to make it fun. Orange eyeglasses can be a great choice for date nights, parties, special events, and participating in community volunteer activities.


Yellow is the color of sunny positivity, contentment, and pure bliss. It’s a bright, bold color that quickly catches the eye, then promptly soothes and comforts. You will definitely stand out from the crowd and draw attention when wearing yellow eyeglasses!

Those wearing cheerful yellow eyewear frames may be seen as rare, outgoing, and untamed free spirits. Yellow eyeglasses can signal to others that you bring positivity and happiness to the situation. You may also be viewed as a social butterfly. You offer unique perspectives on life and are happy to share your optimism without reservation. Consider yellow eyeglasses if your work involves counseling, sales, or marketing – or to signal that you’re ready for your next adventure!


Of all the colors, green is perhaps the most widely interpreted. People tend to love it or hate it. There is no more abundant color in nature than green. Therefore, many people closely associate green with the freshness of the outdoor environment, as well as growth, health, and life itself. It can also symbolize generosity and wealth (our money is green, after all!). In contrast, green may be associated with illness, greed, and envy to some.

Green eyeglasses may show the world that you enjoy nature, companionship, and good conversation. You are likely to be viewed as easy-going, level-headed, intelligent, and able to analyze and solve complex problems. Wearing green eyewear may cause others to feel comfortable seeking you out for advice and assistance related to balancing and handling the pressures of life. Choose green frames to stand out as a reputable authority. Green eyeglasses are an excellent choice for teachers, doctors, nurses, and others whose work involves education, healthcare, and financial services.


Ah . . .soothing, wonderful, ethereal blue. The color of a clear sky heralding good weather and the Bluebird of Happiness, blue represents calm, stability, harmony, and peace. It is the color of loyalty. Blue evokes feelings of trust in the strength and reliability of whatever it touches.

As an eyewear color choice, blue eyeglasses may hint that you can be relied on in a pinch. You are a good friend, companion, and worker. You are strong, resilient, and ready to do whatever it takes to get the job done, as long as no one gets hurt in the process. Consider blue eyewear frames to highlight your gentle, compassionate nature and higher ideals. Blue eyeglasses are a favorite color choice for individuals in the service industry, from laborers to CEOs, as well as pastors, priests, religious and spiritual workers that promote hope and faith.


Purple stands alone above all others. Rarely found in nature and historically expensive to produce, this traditional color of royalty was long associated with luxury, power, and privilege. Today, purple represents the sacred, the magical, mystical, and mysterious, as well as freedom, wisdom, and the noble ideals of humanity.

Those who feel drawn to purple may be viewed as unique, creative, or in contact with some aspect of the divine. Purple eyeglasses may match your outfit and accessories, but they will always make you stand out. Choose calming, uplifting purple to inspire those around you. If you are an artist, writer, journalist, community leader, or otherwise work to expose others to new possibilities and fuel change, purple eyewear is an option worth considering!


The delicate shade of pink is often associated with gentle playfulness, fun, and femininity. While many perceive the color as somewhat weak, immature, or infantile, some of the most powerful men prefer to wear a pink dress shirt or tie.

As an eyewear color choice, pink is consistently popular in our frames for women, teens, and kids. It can signal pride and acceptance in knowing who you are, what you want, and fearlessly embracing emotion, love, care, and concern for family and friends. In a world where real has become rare, choosing pink eyeglasses can be one of the boldest and most powerful moves one can make, no matter who you are.


Pure. Clean. Fresh. As a color, white represents a blank canvas – and all possibilities.

Those who appreciate a sense of peace and calm are often drawn to select white eyeglasses. If you go this route, you may be viewed as innocent and orderly. As with all white-colored clothes and apparel, significant effort can be required to maintain their appearance. Therefore, your choice of white eyewear may also be interpreted to mean you are a person who is clean and that you pay attention to details, take care of yourself, and others, too. You can be trusted. White glasses can send this message loud and clear with just a glance, making them the perfect frames for doctors, nurses, and healthcare personnel, attorneys, and others whose line of work hinges on these qualities.


Lastly, let’s consider black. It is a power color. Black is quite similar to red in its emotional and psychological impact, as well as the message it sends about its wearer, but with a few key differences. While bold, intense, and associated with strong emotion, black also brings mystery and a sense of authority to its wearer.

By choosing black eyeglasses, you may send a message that you appreciate tradition yet you’re not afraid to take on a challenge. You are bold, strong, and respectable. Those around you may sense that you appreciate the finer things in life. You’re willing, capable, and serious about attaining your goals. While some may feel intimidated, others like you appreciate your reliability and trustworthiness. You say what you mean and back those words with action. Black eyewear is simultaneously simple, yet sophisticated. Plain, yet luxurious. It is a bold, classic look that says you mean business. Black glasses are a safe bet for those who work in any field and they’re a great choice for all activities, too.

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